Monday, February 12, 2007

Mail orders

I just got two wonderful packages this weekend. One consists on 2 pieces of fabrics made by Cheeky Beaks that I wanted to buy for a long time

I also bought 2 prints from The Black Apple that I love. The plan is to use them on the room for the baby I'm expecting. Pics to come.


Friday, February 09, 2007


It seems that I can't keep the promise of trying to update this blog every week. Would I be able to do it at least once per month? Will see.

I had so many plans for Christmas. I wanted to do one handmade gift for everyone in my family. But at the end, due to my lack of discipline I could only get to do some for my nieces. For the smallest one, just 2 years old, I did Olive from Wee Wonderfuls. But what was my surprise when we opened the presents and she got 3 more dolls. There was no comparison, the rest were store bought with a bunch of different accessories, but I hope some day she will appreciate the cute fabric doll made by her aunty. Unlikely I forgot to take a picture of it.

The second gift was a messenger bag for my adorable niece who is 5 years old. She always loved to carry bags all around. I still remember when she stole mine during her own batipsm when she was not 2 year old yet. It was so difficult to get it back.

On this one I used brown felt and appliqued some flowers using the same fabric as in the interior. I love the idea I had of using a butterfly as closure as it seems it is flying over the flowers. It was so easy to make that I'm thinking on doing some other in different colors ... if I can have some discipline of course.

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